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Turn your photos, paintings and drawings into exciting works of art on your iPad!

Unlikely Pairings

A round hairbrush has some interesting shapes and textures. Pair a photo of it with some  tree bark.

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Wishing you Kindness and Joy

Wishing you and the world’s citizens a season of loving kindness and joy.

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Eclipse Shadows 2-minute Video

I experienced the 2017 eclipse by taking photos and video of the sun’s crescent found in between the shadows of trees. This video is a compilation of stills, videos, and … Continue reading

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Eclipse Shadows

Once-in-a-lifetime events provide awesome opportunities to take photographs and create art. Here are some photos from today’s eclipse. The spaces between leaves are mirrors of the moon eclipsing today’s sun. … Continue reading

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Feel Strongly? Create Art

Everybody has reactions to current events. You will feel ever so much better if you create art instead of angst. Give it a try. You don’t need to publish it … Continue reading

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Keeping an Eye on Our Water

Do you have a photo of something you love? Use it in a photo collage with something in your environment to create an interesting final image using  #procreate app. Here’s an original … Continue reading

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New 5-week Class Starts Wed. Sept 21st – 6:30 pm

5 weeks: EXPLORE iPAD ART and PHOTO COLLAGE.  This course focuses on mobile photo techniques – looking for shapes and textures in your environment that translate into beautiful layered artworks. Learn to superimpose, paint … Continue reading

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